The 2016 Race Against the Political Establishment

The result of the 2016 presidential election was widely regarded as a shock – but a recent Vox article says there’s at least one reason we should have predicted a Donald Trump presidency.

“Years of cultivating Wall Street and wealthy political donors left Democrats exposed to Trump’s anti-establishment message,” writes Vox editor Jeff Stein. “More than 60 percent of Americans did not believe that Clinton would remove money’s influence from politics, according to Quinnipiac polling… One extensive MSNBC report found that during the Republican primary, Trump’s attacks on special interests and political money were the single biggest reason voters thrilled to his candidacy.”

Trump’s anti-establishment message resonated in both the GOP primary race and the general election because it reflects what voters feel: frustration that our political system has been corrupted by big money and special interests.

To read the full Vox article, go here:

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