Conflicts of Interest vs. Hungry State Senators

Looks like Missouri has an ethics problem. According to the Kansas City Star, the Missouri Senate has been keeping an outside bank account holding thousands of dollars from lobbyists. The purpose of the money?  To pay for senators’ meals when they work late.

That may not sound so terrible – but the bank account has been criticized by both the current state auditor, Democrat Nicole Galloway, and her Republican predecessor for making Missouri vulnerable to conflicts of interest. When lobbyists can curry favor with politicians by buying them dinner, there’s a serious risk of corruption.

Despite apparently being in violation of the Missouri state constitution, the bank account remains active because, according Senate administrators, there is “no apparent solution” for how to pay for meals when senators work late.

Here’s a thought. Missouri legislators get $104 each day to cover their expenses. Why not use some of that for food?
You can read the full Kansas City Star article here:

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