Corruption makes the coal industry even dirtier.
There’s no such thing as clean coal money.

Conservative columnist Tim Carney hit the nail on the head with this article about the dirty revolving door and dirty coal:

This is a standard way to make it in Washington: subsidize an industry with taxpayer money, and then cash out to take that industry’s money as a lobbyist or consultant.

It’s often called the “revolving door,” and we like to call it “Backdoor Bribery.” It’s one of the slickest ways for a lobbyist or influence peddler to get in the good graces of a member of congress. A Republic Report study found that back door bribery usually ends in a former member of Congress getting a 1452% raise. The good news is that the American Anti-Corruption Act would stop backdoor bribery my making Members of Congress and their staff wait at least 5 years before taking a job as a lobbyist. And thank goodness, because…

In 2009, Dorgan announced a separate $3.66 million in federal funding for “clean coal research and development” at the Energy and Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota.

In the fall of 2009, Dorgan published a study on clean coal, calling for $110 billion to $450 billion in government support for clean-coal over 25 years. Dorgan’s report suggested “Annual Appropriations…; Investment Tax Credits; Production Tax Credits/CO2 Sequestration Credits…; Direct Cash Payments; Federal Loan Guarantees,” and a “Federal Financing Bank” to subsidize clean coal.

But this is not just a Democrat thing, and it’s certainly not just a coal thing.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about Gore’s path. This subsidize-them-then-work-for-them maneuver is standard operating procedure in Washington…You can find similar stories anywhere you look.

The point is: It’s not for us to judge whether or not their decisions around clean coal were good for the environment or good for America. What’s clear as day (and dirty as soot) is that Washington is being corrupted by pay-to-play politics every day, and the American people are being cut out of the equation.

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