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  • Thank you, Mr. Letterman, for putting a national spotlight on this…..we need this in mainstream media….too bad mainstream media is owned by the big corporations and it’s being ignored.

    • Dave here was a stand-up Ubermensch, gave a definitive, magnificent, magniloquent anti-fracking phillipic.

      Now he need ASAP retract his recent (spur of the moment … charmed at Chris Christie as guest after storm Sandy, pulling donuts out of his suit pocket) endorsement of Christie for reelection as NJ governor next November and POTUS 2016. Unknown to Dave (then not connecting the political-economic-ecological dots), Christie as NJ austerity and profits-before-people governor has (pre-Sandy) vetoed a new tunnel to NYC (and then Sandy flooded out the century-old Holland Tunnel and the PATH for weeks and months), vetoed a raise of the minimum wage (that would be spent in NJ and boost NJ business) to $8.50 an hour, and last week vetoed a bipartisan bill passed by NJ legislature to BAN FRACK WASTE import to NJ by PA and other states. So Dave–as your endorsed candidate Chris Christie just said Yes to trucking into our Garden State radioactive benzene, radium and toluene, please–at your very next show–RETRACT your ENDORSEMENT of Chris Christie. Thank you.

    • Especially people like Jon Stewart (and John Oliver who’s filling in for the summer) and, of course, Steven Colbert.

      • Riiiiight. He is only has a 28 time emmy nominated show on a pay channel that allows every ideological voice to express their views respectfully.. Don’t be mad because he doesn’t believe in your imaginary friend.

        • So, the number of Emmy nominations determines whether he’s right? Think of the group who is nominating them…
          He doesn’t respect anyone elses views

          • Maher, a liberal atheist who has multiple Republicans and religious people on his show while promoting their films and books. Congrats, your argument was just shattered.

          • If you downvoted me you don’t believe in facts. I gave no opinion, just fact. This is why you lose elections and are dwindeling away with your bible and gun.

  • He’s a fracking idiot – he’s talking about greed? He’s a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE for telling “jokes.” Does Dave drive an electric car? No – if he’s not driven around in a limo, he probably drives a V12 – not to mention his formula one car and I’m sure his private jet to the Bahama’s on weekends – yes, we’re screwed, Dave – and yes, big oil is as greedy as big government and big hollywood – if you arent part of the solution…shut up and make me laugh, monkey boy!

    • Nick:

      Shut up and listen to his message. He’s right and he has a platform to deliver that message. Your juvenile speculation just shows your ignorence.

      • You can’t get much more juvenile then to tell someone to shut-up on a message board, safely.

        His platform pays him to entertain us, not rant and rave about issues he’s not helping to change or fix – as you see, if you shut-up and listened, he ended the whole ignorant rant with jokes. WE ALL have a right to rant and deliver a message, but he unsuccessfully did so…he did not educate the developed brains…he did however manage to capture those still forming, so I applaud him. He used his multimillion dollar chair to sound like a typical limousine liberal – so long as you think he gives a crap, you think he’s Superman. Cheeky.

        Tell me Jim…given your lack of ability to talk about the subject, past what Doctor Letterman has “taught”you, how are YOU helping the cause?

          • Corporate tool? How can you call someone a corporate tool…oh, because I called out a fake comedian, got it. That’s it, I’m all for corporations and you’re not, or he’s not. He makes millions from sponsorship of all types of products, including combustible cars, and you use a computer, made by a corporation, in china.

            I love the intolerant left (ASSuming thats your political belief)…always quick to call names.

          • By the way…Letterman’s idol was Johnny Carson; there’s a reason Letterman never replaced him…he wasn’t as funny. But ONE thing Letterman never did was keep his political and personal beliefs at home, like Carson did.

            The fool (the sheep, the onlookers, the clueless) looks to follow the one that makes the most noise; Letterman loves all of you folks because indoctrination is successful when people will believe anything someone on TV says.

            I doubt anyone here has seen Network…even though IT IS A MOVIE…it spoke truth!

            Television is a goddamn amusement park!


            “But, man, you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to hear; we lie like hell. We’ll tell you that, uh, Kojak always gets the killer, or that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker’s house, and no matter how much trouble the hero is in, don’t worry, just look at your watch; at the end of the hour he’s going to win. We’ll tell you any shit you want to hear. We deal in *illusions*, man! None of it is true! But you people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds… We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality, and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even *think* like the tube! This is mass madness, you maniacs! In God’s name, you people are the real thing! *WE* are the illusion!”

      • My friend worked for Letterman from 2003 to May 2013, she just moved back to California – Letterman HAS a Leaf…HAS being the key. Letterman does not drive from Connecticut to New York…you people are so gullible.

    • Frack ing u NICK .did you did something to change,at least this guy with his status did make it publicly.
      At least send this video to any friends if have one or to anybody and be positive …gues is not hard.
      Do not be negative ….first of all.

      • “Frack ing u” “did you did” ??? HUH?

        I drive a 2013 Ford C-Max Energi – I haven’t put gas in my car since May 24th.

        You have 2erible grammer and engrich, by the way.

  • Right on, Dave. I don’t understand how informed people can defend this practice. Here in Arkansas, it is becoming a larger issue, and we’re powerless to stop it.

    • I will tell you how: Because they are doped into ignorance and apathy by their electronic devices and their poor excuses for schools, because they eat chemicals willingly, inject their bodies with poison while wearing a smile, and have a bizarre fascist tool admiration of millionaires and corporations. But here’s the good news: Real change has always happened because a few bright, motivated people did something worthwhile. Let’s figure out what that is and do it. (PS: Chernobyl won’t be back to normal levels of radiation for millions of years. That’s what humans do to the planet.)

    • Arkansas lawmaker’s allowed Chesapeake Energy out of Tulsa, OK to destroy their natural state. Why the Fish and Game Commission is a front for the Oil and Gas Industry in Arkansas. Most stupid people in the world must live in Arkansas. Even students at the University of Arkansas or the University of Oklahoma could care less about the environment. Stupid OU kids.

  • Maybe people should understand what fracking is before they start talking s#it about it. Most of what he has said is bulls#it.

      • Are you riding your bike to work? Or driving a hybrid? It’s really easy to complain, but I NEVER hear anything being offered up as an alternative… I guess you like all the fun politics in the Middle East, sending giant oil tankers half way across the world. Either that, or perhaps it is just magical thinking — as long as there is gas at the pumps, you just want to think it all arrived magically and without risk to anyone. Many of the complainers will be the first to complain even louder when prices are high or if there are ever shortages.

        I want to hear your alternative, otherwise you are just noise.

          • @Britt — thanks for making my point — wind and solar contributed 5% to the nations electrical grid in 2012. That’s not exactly enough to replace fossil fuels. However, it might be enough for you to charge your iPod.

            Fail — you don’t live in the real world if you actually believe your answer.

          • Ok how is that so? When my tribe located in South Dakota has used our wind energy to power several Baskins and Robbins on the west coast. Perhaps do some research before giving uneducated answers….what bubble are you getting your information form?

          • Britt — thanks for that slice of enlightenment — several Baskin Robbins — I had no idea. That will save the world! Imagine that — wind powered ice cream.

            Oh, I forgot, without fossil fuel, how does anyone get to the B/R in the first place? And how do the B/R ingredients get there? And how does the staff get there?

            Perhaps you need to do some research:


            I’d ask you the same — what bubble do you get your info from? Show me one credible piece of research that shows any viable alternative for fossil fuels in the next 10 years.

          • Science smart Germany is now about 25% solar powered, en route to their great goal of 100%. America ought ASAP do likewise.

          • If Germany was 25% solar powered today this would indeed be truly great news. Unfortunately it is not:


            It is currently 3% soloar powered, and some analysts think this could grow to 25% by the year 2050 — 37 years from now.

            So unless you can provide a reputable link indicating otherwise — your comment gets a 100% FAIL. The ‘green thinking’ people are indeed pursuing a noble cause, unfortunately, comments that have no basis in reality do nothing to support their case — in fact, they do the opposite, as it reinforce the stereotype that the movement is filled with tree hugging nut job hippies.

            It is amazing how people hear some number, and will regurgitate it as a ‘Fact’ without any kind of checking. No wonder the country is going downhill rapidly and our elections are largely determined by ‘sound-bites’ that may only have a slight correlation with reality.

            So once again, what’s the answer for our nation’s energy to replace fossil fuels over the next 10 years or so?

          • Actually, your info is about 15 years old, really dumb. The first sign that your name is accurate is that you used Wikipedia as a source. Ignorance is bliss. 15% of Germany’s energy comes from wind and another 15-20 (depending on the region) is solar. In southern Germany, individual farmers and businesses can receive tax breaks on their property taxes and also sell the energy generated by wind mills and solar panels to their community, making it economically viable. Nonrenewable energy sources are taxed for the true cost of their power (including loss of future use of land sites, cost of transport etc) and not subsidized for those things, as in the US. There is a plan in place to reduce dependence on nonrenewable sources of energy and increase renewable, in-country sources because, unlike blindered and short-sighted Americans, Germans know that it isn’t an all or nothing endeavor. Get your facts by actually speaking to someone from Germany or someone who knows something about energy sources, technology and use rather than Faux News.

          • There have been lots of challenges in Germany.

            Companies flee high prices:

            German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she would rein in Germany’s green subsidies to ease the burden that has been placed on consumers. Fifty percent of the cost of electricity is now taxes — this build out is hardly paying for itself

            The reaction has not always been 100% positive, especially as all the prime locations have already been built

            There is still another little issue — heating — even their own goal is only to achieve 14% of heat via renewable energy.

            I am quite sure if they were a decade ahead of their goals, we’d see them trumpeting their success. Again, where is your link? Saying you ‘talk to people you know’ is hardly a credible or accurate resource. Wikipedia might not be the best, but your hearsay comment is even weaker — probably another incorrect ‘fact’ passed along by a fellow greener.

            I hope you are correct Lynne, I really do. However, back to my original thesis — what is the shorter term 10 year solution? None of these initiatives addresses what do we do for the next 10 years….. All these noble ideas that are making incremental improvements that might be of partial help over the next 30 to 50 years..

          • Renewables now comprise 25 percent of Germany’s total energy production, a 4 percent increase from last year. The largest renewable source is wind energy, accounting for 9.2 percent of all energy production.

            In addition, solar energy saw an increase of 47 percent increase from
            last year, coming in at 5.3 percent of all power production. Germany is
            the world’s largest producer of solar power, its “installed capacity”
            representing more than a third of the world’s total, reports Reuters.

            Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/germany-renewable-energy-production-is-living-up-to-the-hype-2012-7#ixzz2bCKscXsj

          • Hi Really Dumb.

            You asked for it … So here it is:

            I live at 5900 ft in Northern Colorado… where in the last 3 years temperatures have varied from Minus 22 to Plus 105. I am demonstrating possibilities… outlined here.

            First, Every home should be sealed (taped and caulked) super insulated – in the attic, walls, foundations…. and have (if economically possible) efficient windows replace old and bad ones. This is called efficiency. It can be done on old houses. I have done it… myself – as an old man – retired in 1989… with very little money from a pension and some from savings. This and converting the 1970s 2 by 4 frame home to Passive Solar (catching the sun) has dropped my annual natural gas heating from 1095 therms in 2002 to 62 therms in 2012. My walls which were R-9 in thermal value are now between R-55 and R-104. I used the money that many folks use for booze, cigarettes, drugs,gambling, playing golf, and going to Pro Sports games to idolize folks who use drugs, smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, beat their women, drive flashy cars, I actually have money left over! … and I avoid all the Lawyer fees to get my butt out of jail. This is more money left over.

            So, having cut my Nat Gas Usage over 04% I do not need your fracked gas.

            Second, Folks can grow their own … food. I grow my own food… My total yard (house, drive, grass, etc totals 1/5th acre. It is a small city lot. I have converted much of the grass to veggies. I get over 900 lbs of food a year. Food I get included: Peaches, Apples, Grapes, Broccoli, Lettuce, Kale, Peas, Cukes, Pumpkins, Oranges (in the passive greenhouse I made from cast off materials), Mandarin Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Kumquats, squash, stevia natural sweetener, and I have banana trees which have not yet given fruit but should soon.

            Third: Folks should convert their lighting from Incandescent Bulbs (the Edison Kind) to natural lighting.. with Sun tunnels (big ones – 14 inch or 22 inch depending on room size) and also fill in for night with LED bulbs – skipping the annoying CFLs. Edison Bulbs were 1880s. CFLs were invented by Tesla in 1891 – flourescents…. for the Chicago Worlds Fair. LED bulbs are derived from the Transistor invention in 1947… so much newer. However after 66 years you do not need to be an “Early adopter” to get them.

            Fourth: Folks can add solar PV on their roofs…. I have – and the PV powers my converted Plug In Prius as well as my Chevy Volt. I still have surplus electricity whih goes back into the grid… about 8000 KWH per year.

            Fifth: Folks in appropriate environments can use Evap Cooling … and cook with Sun Ovens. I do and this summer the indoor temp has not gone over 73 degrees in the house (super-insulation, evap cooling, cooking out on the driveway).

            If you do not think it an be done, you do live up to your name… since I have done it!

            You can see here on the U-tube:

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3jvittg60I is the 2012 story…

            and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yPvFxRgfW8 is the 2013 update … with the garden more mature and the passive heating air handler in place.

            So, stop saying that good things just cannot happen. I have done it… all you need to do is turn off the NFL on TV, stop drinking your beer, stop smoking all the drugs, stop listening to Rush and his addicted friends…

            … and become a responsible citizen! I have grandchildren who your palaver is threatening as to having a livable world for their future.

            We need “Can Do” people… who also “Will DO” … and we have no need for nay-sayers. You can become needed if you change your attitude and your actions.

            It will take a lot of us to undo the damage of the opulent/ excessive 120 years we have just spent. Get Started. I do not ask you to do anything I have not already done.

            You can audit my statistics by checking with XCEL who is my utility provider. Of course, they are not happy with me since I am turning them into “buggy whip makers”.

            I do not call myself “Dumb” or Really Dumb” because I do not want to lay out a stupid path to follow. It is really dumb to plan to act … and speak … really dumb!

          • A single wind turbine can power 500 homes……. In 2012, the roughly 140 million
            megawatt-hours generated by wind energy avoided 79.9 million metric tons
            of carbon dioxide (CO2) — the equivalent of reducing power-sector CO2
            emissions by 3.6% or removing 14 million cars from the roads. And there are already hybrid vehicles to drive to Baskin Robins!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!


          • I don’t think you understand how few megawatts are really generated by wind farms. In Pennsylvania in 2010 (I realize not completely up to date), a SINGLE coal plant (Homer City) generated almost three times the amount of the TOTAL wind energy produced in the state. Keep in mind that Pennsylvania generates the second largest amount of wind energy in the country. No alternatives are yet viable for the entire country or even an entire state, not for a very long time into the future. In addition, there are SEVERAL serious environmental impacts involved with the production of wind energy, nothing leaves zero footprint. I’d be glad to go over those issues if you’d like.

          • Ok Allen but it’s dirty coal……plus I got my megawatt information from the wind energy foundation in Washington, now perhaps your 2010 info trumps Washington’s’ 2012 info……..but I guess only you know….

          • I’m not saying anything about personal preference, as I’m very interested in wind energy, I’m simply telling you that a single, full-sized wind turbine currently runs for about $1,000,000 a pop, and that’s just the equipment itself. Is that really an efficient way to power 500 homes? I see you live in South Dakota, so 500 homes may seem like a lot, but it’s not. Wind farms have long-lasting effects on ecosystems. They split mountain-top ridge habitats in half. They kill alarming amounts of endangered species of bats and migratory birds. The figureheads of these companies are not exactly humanitarians. They don’t care if their proposed building site is half a mile away from a bald eagle nesting spot in Southwest New York or disrupting the fabric of an entire town in Western PA. Your tossing around of numbers you don’t understand is painful.

          • I just moved to South Dakota from NYC actually. Now regardless of my preference A coal plant burns 1.4 million tons of coal each year. As of 2012, there are 572 operational coal plants in the U.S. with an average capacity of 547 megawatts. It pollutes when it is mined, transported to the power plant, stored, and burned. Not to mention Air pollution when burning coal causes smog, soot, acid rain, global warming, and toxic air emissions. The wastes generated are ash, sludge, toxic chemicals, and waste heat which create more environmental problems. What about Fuel supply by Mining, transporting, and storing coal levels pollutes mountains, land, water, and air. As a matter of fact coal plants need billions of gallons of cooling water which in turn harm wildlife.

            So which is the worse of two evils???? What do you think the earth prefers?????

          • With a tip of the hat to Joe Eastwood –

            I call upon all Eco-Climate-Global Warming warriors, saving the planet CAN be achieved… and only YOU can do it. Stop flying, stop driving, reduce your carbon footprint, have yourself sterilized! Stop exhaling and put an end to all your other poisonous gaseous emissions at the same time… your sacrifice will be heroic and historic!

            Well? What are you waiting for? We can still hear you breathing… -J.

          • Ok Les how about giving some facts versus name calling. Real
            intelligent!!!! If we don’t start now then we will perish in the future
            yet close minds keep holding us back.

            renewable energy use 2010…………

            generation (TWh) 4 206

            Bioenergy 331

            3 431




            solar power


            Share of
            total generation 20%


          • Hey Les your welcome to debate facts but name calling is childish!!!!!! Usually when a person is proven wrong they then resort to name calling yet is highly unproductive in a debate.

          • I’m not wrong, just old well educated and tired of low information people
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Letterman stops joking around to deliver one of the most important rants ever.

          • Again with the name calling? Well Mr Old timer…times are changing so god bless you I hope your life is filled with tons of high information people. pft

          • Because the manufacture of turbines and solar panels does not involve any toxic metals or chemicals, or produce toxic byproducts and pollution….

  • This reminds me of one of Alan Moore’s best scenes in Swamp Thing, at Arkham Asylum as the inmates react to the psychic emanations as the demonic Arcane returned to Earth:

    “I had to help sedate Two-Face earlier. Jeez, that guy scares me.”

    “Oh, yeah? You wanna see something really scary…?

    “There. The Joker’s stopped laughing.”

    1. bp. blogspot. com/-IQVtXeYRn98/ULzzjh7SuJI/AAAAAAAAEwU/jAH6cC6pNUo/s1600/f6. jpg

    So why are WE still laughing…?

  • OK, Dave’s rant was a little bit of a stretch (nobody’s fracking in the Hudson Valley yet), but he got the anger part right. Fracking exhibits all the hallmarks of a mobbed-up business, and there’s probably a number of nefarious reasons they don’t want to disclose the chemicals they’re using. For instance, there happens to be a black market in PCB-laden benzene and toluene, etc., detritus from the nation’s microchip production “clean rooms.” If you were a conscience-less fracker and somebody offered you a few thousand barrels of this stuff for 1/10 of what you’d pay for it fresh from the refinery, what would you do? One toxic petrochemical blows up as good as any other. Anyway, part of what the moribund U.S. environmental movement needs — and in particular the fractured and chronically outclassed anti-fracking movement — is an angrier soundtrack, not bogged down with musical baggage from old, hippy-dippy environmental campaigns. Here’s a new American anthem guaranteed to stir the soul of any red-blooded environmentalist, as well as lure a few emotionally sensitive people over from the dark side. Feel free to use it. Scream your anger!

  • I am not a fan of fracking, but Dave didn’t exactly explain it right. The chemicals are in the water that is used to fracture the shale. The shale is way below the water aquifers. They drill through the aquifers and supposedly seal the wells somehow with concrete as they drill. Water laced with chemicals and sand is forced into the shale, causing it to fracture and the gas to come up. The chemicals that are put into the fracking water do not have to abide by the Clean Water Act (thanks to Dick Cheney and his energy club). About 80% of it stays in the ground; that which is removed cannot be cleaned by a normal treatment plant. They typically use holding ponds lined with plastic to store the fracking water and the most common type of accident is ponds leaking and polluting farmer’s fields and animals. I have heard about herds of cattle having to be killed due to contamination. The methane in the water problem existed in some places before fracking came along, and those places where there are natural cracks in the shale allowing methane to leak into aquifers or bubble up through the ground after a rainstorm are some of the same areas where more private water wells have been polluted. It is difficult to really know if the methane got into the water naturally or because of the drilling. Some oil companies now pay for extensive testing of the ground water and private water wells prior to drilling. I have also recently heard that the concrete well linings are known by industry to not last more than 40 years, yet we were all told that the wells could be producing natural gas for the next 60-100 years. Somebody is lying, me thinks. A bigger problem is the sheer lack of water. Fracking requires huge amounts of water and they take it from local springs and rivers. Sport fishermen have seen a decline in good fishing and pollution by the trucks getting the water. Most of northern PA is entering a water crisis because so much of the local fresh water is being used up by the fracking industry. To my understanding, the Delaware watershed is still safe from fracking, as is the water that services NYC. However, the desire of some to make a buck today regardless of the consequences tomorrow (like the gov. of PA) is fueling the race to frack. Unfortunately, when public figures like Letterman don’t give out accurate info it can fuel the fires of contention and does nothing to truly inform the public. On the other hand, it did shine a light on what’s happening, but innuendo is really never truly helpful, IMHO.

    • Plus the chemicals are referred to as “the chemicals.” It’s not disclosed because it’s proprietary. We’re they safe chemicals, it would be a PR boon for frackers… yeah, they’re not safe.

      • The chemicals are proprietary mixes – and the only ‘bad stuff’ are the petroleum distillates – which are NOT as nasty as the crude oil being pulled out of the ground. The stuff being removed is far more dangerous than what is being pumped into the ground.

    • Having worked in the oil servicing industry (albeit 30+ years ago) in NW PA – There are some FACTS that I know about fracking that I didn’t pick up third hand on some hysterical enviro-Nazi’s blog. 99% of them wouldn’t know a frack pump from a cement truck or 20k pipe from 600 lb hose. Fracking uses a lot of water? BIG BIG LIE, NO it does not – a few thousand gallons is not a lot of water in the greater scheme of things.

      Leaky faucets and/or toilets in the same locale can waste that much water in a month or two. Fracking uses pressure in a rather tightly confined space to fracture the very brittle shale. I will go over the volumetric math so you ‘get it’ because reading what you said, I believe you are sincere but misled by others.

      Fracking is done typically working with a 4″ hole that has been drilled mostly 3,000 to 5,000 feet but sometimes 10,000 feet or deeper. If you recall your high school geometry – Pi times Radius Squared calculates the volume of a circle – multiply that by the length gives us the cubic volume of the ‘hole’. 3.1416(pi) times 2 times 2 (radius of 4″ circle squared) = (rounding where reasonable) 150.8 cubic inches per foot of hole. 1728 cubic inches per cubic foot. There are 7.5 gallons of water in a cubic foot. 1728/150.8 = feet of hole it takes to hold a cubic foot of water. 11.46 feet. 11.46 feet of hole contains 7.5 gallons of fluid. 11.46/7.5 = 1.528 feet of hole per gallon. So – a 10,000 feet hole could contain 6544.5 gallons of water – assuming that nothing but water is going down the hole, however that is not the case. The slurry mix being pumped contains a whole lot of sand and a little lubricant to keep the sand from ‘setting up/packing, make the sand slippery so it won’t clog the hole or provide excessive back pressure resistance when you fire up the frack pumping unit’.
      What is this lubricant? A petroleum distillate product that you are injecting so you can get the trapped petroleum to come surging up the hole you made. Is it carcinogenic and poisonous- well yeah, but not nearly as nasty, carcinogenic, poisonous as the crude oil that is coming up out of that hole. In NW PA – most of the wells being fracked weren’t oil wells – they were natural gas wells. And – I know, being a native of that area and having sold water softeners and water conditioning/filtration systems, that there were only a couple cases where a well was actually contaminated – and those were handled reasonably and promptly as possible by the very environmentally aware well drilling and servicing companies.
      There were several loud-mouths of the Letterman variety that said all sorts of nonsense, and local media often chose to quote those fools verbatim while ignoring the geologists and liquefaction engineering experts. Reality was – the activity was a serious financial boon to the region, made for cheaper heating costs for everyone, the benefits far outweighed the negatives.

    • I live in Susquehanna County where there will be over 3,000 wells soon. I’m only 30 miles from Dimock, Pa… this town is featured in Gasland part 1 & 2. It’s evil, I hate it & I’m too poor to move… Only miles from here is NY state & only miles from here & over the mountain is the Delaware river basin where there’s no Fracking. Some day it will be so polluted around here that it won’t be fit for man or beast to live around here.

  • All you Luddites and anti-fracking, flat-earther types, go back to your hobbit-houses, and let the adults continue making our lives less expensive and more prosperous.

    Every bit of Letterman’s rant is based on a complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation of this method of oil recovery.

    Nobody’s water’s caught on fire from fracking. That was a lie offered by a bunch of environmentalist vaginas. That lie is also partly why the EPA couldn’t stop fracking. They had no basis for it.

    Those of you who believe fracking poisons the water we drink, probably don’t believe that coal is required to recharge your electric cars either.

    • Seeing as I live in the fracking capital of PA, I can attest that you are incorrect. Some wells were indeed contaminated by poor well-drilling practices. Unfortunately, other less scrupulous folk who already had methane in their water tried to jump on the bandwagon to weezle a few bucks out of it. The jobs the industry promised are mostly in the service industries (motels, restaurants, bars) and trucking industries. Most of the higher paying jobs go to the migrant workers from OK, CO, TX, etc. Some areas east of us are already beginning to experience an economic “bust” as the industry moves west. Homelessness has increased because rents have sky-rocketed–the oil companies pay for the workers apartments and the local folk are getting priced out. When I moved here 2+ decades ago, there was no homelessness in our county. Now there are families living in church basements because they can’t pay the higher rent rates, etc. Crime has increased; bar fights are commonplace, and there have even been several murders in our county. But the pittance the local farmers earn from leases and royalties is a nice aid to their otherwise borderline standard of living. But make no bones about it–the locals aren’t the one’s getting rich off of this. The royalties they’re paid is a pittance. Many have had their livelihoods ruined when holding ponds flooded their fields. One farmer found his beef cattle knee-deep in fracking water. Would you like fries with that? There are two sides to every story and fracking comes with good and bad. It’s hard to convince people living in depressed economies that it is a bad thing in the long run because in the short run they see the dollars waved in their faces that can help with their overdue bills.

      • So, explain to me, please, exactly how it’s the fault of the oil companies that landlords in your county got greedy and decided to price the housing out of reach? Rents skyrocket because landlords see a chance to make money off of the “rich” oil companies, and find it difficult to go back to market levels for your area when the oil companies wander away. It’s not the oil companies setting the rents, buddy — it’s the landlords, i.e., your neighbors. So if there are homeless in church basements because the rents are too high, do NOT blame the oil companies for your neighbors’ greed.

    • Spoken like the usual apologist who just can’t fathom that his job could be harmful, and if it is, we have to keep it because “it means jobs.” Calling people “vaginas” and throwing around dumb crap like “probably” with some exaggerated claim afterward doesn’t really convince educated people of anything. Anything positive about what you’ve said, that is.

      • I don’t have a job in the energy sector. I also could care less about the jobs fracking creates. It doesn’t really benefit me, one way, or the other. What does benefit me, is less expensive energy. And the less expensive it is, the cheaper and more enjoyable my life becomes.

        And the reason I call these environmentalists ‘vaginas’ is, because they are liars for starters. And then they’re earth worshipers, after that. And then they’re anti-capitalists, after that. And then they’re just freedom-robbing, technology eschewing socialists …on the whole …to the point that any deviation from that description is only anecdotal in nature.

        Oh, and the vaginas believe that driving electric vehicles reduces the carbon footprint on the globe. Pffft. It requires burning carbon by the mining-truck load to generate the electricity necessary to recharge these electric Vagina mobiles. Of course the First Vagina in Chief wants to make coal ‘really expensive’ and drive up the electric costs to what else, recharging the Vagina mobiles.

        • Jay – you are the most selfish and ignorant creature I encountered in a long while. You are one of the cancerous cells destroying life.

    • Well DICK, from one of the vaginas, (liars, earth worshipers?? you must be a really poor excuse for a man to equate lying and environmentalist with woman. Obviously you are a misogynist) how about some FACTS to back up your oral shit?

    • Um, maybe you should take a geology course–and not one offered by the very companies doing the fracking. Ignorance is bliss and you’re obviously a very happy man.

  • Dave the expert! He does drive an electric car. Gee, I wonder what fuel powers the company that makes the vehicle? What lubricant keeps the parts functioning? How are the power cells or batteries manufactured and are the recycled or dumped in a land fill at the end of their life? Since ole Dave is 66, how many gasoline powered vehicles has he owned in his life? What heats and powers the Ed Sullivan theater plus all of the broadcast equipment?? What was the source of power the hospital used for Dave’s bypass surgery?? Out of all the countries in the world, the United States has one the best current environmental records. One more thing, how did the “adoring” audience applauding Dave’s rant, get to the show???

    • you are the government YOU elect them so if you don’t like them then elect someone different… or you can hold a revolution and dispose of the leader and throw him in jail or kill him and his followers. .. Thank goodness we are in a civilized democratic country were that does NOT happen.

      • Unfortunately, our democracy generally only offers 2 terrible choices. A revolution every now and then might not be such a bad idea.

        • Let’s all 300 million of us Americans go Green Party. And interim, evergreen the Democratic party. The ecology and a return to employment of and prosperity for the 99% cannot wait.

          • It is really a cool place you live Julie, that Utopia where 99% are in prosperity. There has never been 1% unemployment, and as I look around, at least 10% of the people are unemployable — except maybe to dust off those wind turbines when they are standing still when the wind stops blowing. And there is that little detail of where all that money is coming from to pay for your utopia.

      • Do we really Christine? Have you heard of electoral college???? We need people to get off their butts, out of their electronic devises and T.V. to start a revolution!!!! Is it civilized or is it being a sheep????

  • Ok, I’m down with finding out exactly how this method of extracting for fuel is harmful to our inviorment.

    But this arrogant has been liberal agenda hack talk show host is not what I consider as a credible source.

    I really detest the new Letterman (obama loving ) holiwood agenda

    It’s not cool unless your on our side agenda .

    • Is there any possibility that before you start spouting facts that you at least go back to elementary school and learn how to SPELL environment, Hollywood and the proper use of “your” and you’re?

  • It amazes me that loudmouths like Nick defend fracking so vehemently. It’s your children who will pay for your ‘clever’ ignorance. It’s your air, your water, your land they are poisoning but you beleive everything the corporate shills spout instead of actually researching the facts. Try getting your information from somewhere besides Fox and Limbaugh.

    • His kids won’t pay for jack. He’ll make enough dough off of this catastrophe that he’ll be able to live someplace unspoiled and send his kids to the good schools.

    • Well Joseph – your ignorance isn’t clever – it’s just plain ignorance. You don’t know anything about well drilling or servicing or fracking except what you hear from complete imbeciles who thrive on flippant sound bites and twitter quips – without ever having to defend the claims with solid evidence or first hand knowledge. Your attitude is that, you can’t trust the people who know what they are talking about – only a talking horse’s ass like Letterman (or Obama for that matter) can save you.

  • we are all smart enough to understand it, the environment stinks and we have hurt the earth enough.

  • don’t stop there Dave, tell about the international criminal cabal that has infiltrated the US government and controls EVERYTHING! ALL WE ARE HERE IN THE U.S. IS A PROXY FOR THE GLOBALIST ELITE!!

  • I lived in North East PA…I saw, smelled and lived in this destructive backwash of fracking….thank you Mr Letterman for bringing this to the audience…hopefully they will accept the fact that none of us can live without fresh water.

      • you , whoever you are….are clueless…tell that to all those who live in Dimock, PA and all the sights that are being destroyed by fracking.

      • Actually there is some oil and a whole lot of coal in NE PA – and while I totally disagree with meemeesmom’s statement I think she was probably referring to the town North East, PA which is actually west of Erie PA and rather near the southern coast of Lake Erie. I probably lived in that area longer that she did and definitely know a lot more about well drilling, fracking, etc. than she does.
        And meemeesmom is confused about what she saw, smelled and lived in. If you have a producing well in your back yard, the various servicing activity and methane that may seep up around the well may also contain some sulfur and that does smell nasty – sort of like rotten eggs. The ground water table is fine – and there is no ‘destructive backwash’ – that is a scary phrase someone invented – sort of like calling a semi-auto rifle ‘an assault weapon’ – ooo… that makes it scary – even if it is factually a lie. People whose arguments are fearmongering without solid factual basis – are doing more damage to the discourse than the people they are attacking, ever do.

  • wow people just laugh and laugh but I guess its the only play to slowly wake up the American People.. No this is not just conspiracy theories this is something that is actually happening..

  • Here’s what Dave knows about Fracking… NOTHING. His facts are crap. Fracking has been safely used for over 60 years. People setting water on fire has been around for 1000’s of years. Naturally occurring methane gas does get into the aquifer and can get into a water well. This happens where NO OIL DRILLING has ever occurred. Nearly all aquifer contamination comes from surface water and that’s a fact. The biggest fear of left wingers in this country is America becoming energy independent. That does not fit into their Communist Agenda of destroying America and redistributing its wealth to others. If you want to go back to wood stoves, candles and whale oil lamps and hunting and gathering for food go ahead just leave me out of it. Solar energy plants require millions of empty acres and produce power for just a few, provided the sun is shining. Wind Farms are killing birds by the millions each year & they too stop producing when the wind doesn’t blow. If all the oil and gas suddenly were cut off tomorrow from this country like enviro whackos want, it would take a VERY SHORT TIME before massive demonstrations would insist we go back to using fossil fuel to turn our refrigerators, lights, televisions, cell phones, automobiles and game boys back on.

    The Canadian train carrying oil and catching fire is a prime example of how enviro nut jobs cause more problems than they are worth. That small town & the 40 lives lost did not have to happen if the oil had been transported by pipeline instead of train. Great Left Wing Billionaires like Buffet and Gates are heavily invested in train transportation and they have publicly been against the Keystone Pipeline. Sure their rhetoric is environment but their reason is money. Pipelines are by far the safest form of transportation for oil and gas. These Left Wing Billionaires want only one thing… their Billions and lifestyles to continue and to hell with everyone else.

  • What I believe to be coming, and the oil companies know. They don’t care if they pollute our water, because they already plan on PRIVITIZING our water so we will have to buy water. Smart Water! The next “BLACK GOLD” PLEASE!!!

  • Good for Mr. Letterman. We have a huge battle to get a moratorium on this shale rock FRACKING IN CALIFORNIA AND WE WILL FIGHT TO THE END!!!!

  • Everyone’s laughs like its a big joke “we’re screwed” “oh HA HA ha…” And like, I could see why they laugh because he’s a comedian, but its not funny when you think about what he’s saying. It’s effin scary as hell.

  • I love how the audience just laughs. We are being poisoned and killing our planet too? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Idiots.

  • Well then let’s open all the oil fields that our government want to seal up.. You can’t run your car off of sun power dude..

  • Almost everything true is hilarious. Or in jest there is truth or something. Why can’t I be properly misunderstood? Typically, I’m misunderstood in all the wrong ways. Well, from now on I’m going to be inferred as I imply, and that’s the truth.

  • I recall, in the ’50’s, Readers Digest articles on the wonderful benefits of nuclear power. Clean, cheap, and safe, they said.
    More recently, we have Obamacare, also touted to be cheap and safe.

    How are they working out for us?

    • Nuclear power has been pretty awesome, ocommiecare? well a majority of Americans said that was a communist wealth redistribution scheme from the get go, but of course the corrupted politicians would not listen to the will of the people.

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    […] There you will find 82297 more Infos: daily.represent.us/letterman-stops-joking-around-to-deliver-one-of-the-most-important-rants-ever/ […]…

  • There’s nothing wrong with fracking, lets talk about why leftist Americans do NOT want us to be self sufficient and get off the arab/islamic oil TIT?

    Why indeed…

  • Yeah, Letterman nailed it. MORE OF US NEED TO GET INVOLVED. Join Move To Amend, Common Cause, Represent.us, People For The American Way (PFAW) Public Citizen, PIRG. They get things done, like making IL the 14th state (16 + D.C. now) to pass a resolution, aimed at Congress, to get money out of politics, and reverse “Citizens United” and return Congress to the will of We, the People!

  • this is a big load of bull. Check your facts, frakking has been around for more than 30 years w/no problems. what do people get out of spreading crap like this.? What is the payoff or are they just swallowing whole what they are told. It is pathetic.

  • Google…

    that will be the finish of this report. Right here you’ll find some sites that we consider you will enjoy, just click the hyperlinks over…

  • Tell Paul to shut the F’ up. His grunting, non-sensible single words, ass kissing, annoying mic noises while DL is being serious defeat the whole purpose.

  • He should have stopped when he said he wasn’t smart enough to understand it, instead of going on to give a ran full of nonsensical pablum and prove his ignorance

    • While some greedy bankers may be of Jewish origin others are not. Greed is not the character trait of a particular religion, ethnicity or cultural subset. Your post should be flagged as hate.

  • Leave it to a Canadian to tell us what we are doing is wrong. The processs of Fracking has been around for over 40 years that I know of. The reason that it has been demonized is that the evil company Haliburton supplies most of the toxic chemicals that are in fact an inert product called Gel . It is a substance like jello that when pumped into the ground under extreme pressure it expands to about four times it’s normal size and opens up fissures allowing the crude oil to be collected. The so called toxic chemicals then return to their normal size and are pumped out of the ground with the crude oil. As Joe friday always said the fact mam just the facts.

  • Letterman is a lying sack of excrement who hasn’t a clue but pretends he does. He is pandering to the retarded products of common core who only hear twitter-pated sound bites, because their attention spans are too short to absorb carefully reasoned and documented facts. Fracking has caused some problems in isolated instances but the horse’s ass of late night TV is declaring entire states ‘ruined’ – he’s not just wrong, he’s right up there with the pathological lying sociopathic narcissist hanging out at the DC golf courses these days.

  • Paul Schaefer sucks many ways. He can’t play, He’s not funny. He’s an arrogant piece of crap nobody in the music business can stand.

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