Scott Walker Files Expose Corrupt Political System

Today the Guardian newspaper released thousands of pages of leaked documents that show Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, involved in a massive political corruption scandal.

Walker had corporations and billionaires funnel millions of dollars into a dark money group – Wisconsin Club for Growth – that was backing his recall election campaign. Politicians are not allowed to coordinate directly with dark money groups, so a special prosecutor tried to investigate. That’s when the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the investigation and ordered the documents destroyed.

Instead, some of the documents were leaked. They suggest that at least one of the judges who voted to end the investigation received more than a million dollars in reelection support from Wisconsin Club for Growth – the same dark money group they were investigating in the first place.
Some of the evidence the court tried to hide from the public is pretty damning, like this check for $1 million: CsVkinnWYAAPb4c

And instructions on how to avoid disclosure and transparency: CsVl7tpXYAQOkLU

This scandal has revealed the corruption, bribery, and ethical shortcomings in our political system. And it’s not limited to Scott Walker, Wisconsin, or one political party. It’s a system failure – and we all need to unite to fix it.
Read the full Guardian story here:

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