Nothing better than watching an expert shut down some sadly misinformed pundits.  First, Senator Warren schools these hosts, then at 4:50, she reinstated my hope that our government might actually stand up for itself.

These days in Washington, it’s close to impossible to go against the will of the powerful bank lobbies.  Elizabeth Warren isn’t intimidated, we shouldn’t be either.  Share this video then check out the plan to put the special interests in their place at

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  • I think it was very rude of them to invite Warren to answer a question then midway through it step on her answer because they didn’t agree with her.

  • Shes still pushing that revisionist history that has long since been debunked. And she premises her entire argument on “having to bail them out”. No you dont have to bail them out, you choose to bail them out and thats your fault. Nobody can be blamed for accepting free money. its the moron who gives it to them.

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