“Michigan legislators potentially can be bought and sold.” That’s the latest analysis from Jane Briggs Bunting, the president of the Michigan Coalition for Open Government, following an investigation by MLive and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

The investigation found that special interests in Michigan are circumventing the state’s conflict-of-interest laws. Technically, it’s illegal for corporations to give money directly to political campaigns in Michigan – but that isn’t stopping them. Special interests are funneling money into certain kinds of bank accounts that are difficult to trace and don’t require donor disclosure, and the funds are going towards politicians. According to an investigation my MLive and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, one in three members of the Michigan House and Senate are connected to this type of bank account.

It’s unfortunately quite common for special interests to use these sorts of loopholes to get around campaign finance and disclosure laws. We need tougher, better laws that close the loopholes if we want to protect the integrity of our government.

Read the full story on MLive here: http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/10/how_secretive_funds_allow_mich.html.

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