Well, this is a new one.

After last night’s State of the Union address, NY1 reporter Michael Scotto attempted to ask Rep. Michael Grimm (R – NY) about ongoing investigations of his 2010 campaign fundraising activity by the FBI, House Ethics Commission, and Federal Election Commission. The Congressman quickly ended the interview and stormed off. After Scotto threw back to the station, however, Rep. Grimm approached him again and engaged in a bizarre attempt to intimidate the reporter by, among other things, threatening to throw him off the Capitol Rotunda balcony. The entire exchange was caught on tape by Scotto’s camera, which Rep. Grimm didn’t seem to realize was still rolling:

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Grimm has been named as one of the most corrupt Members of Congress by watchdog organization CREW for three years in a row. A transcript of Grimm’s altercation with Scotto can be found here.

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