Have you ever seen cockroaches scurry when a light turns on? That’s exactly what South Dakota lobbyists and political establishment look like following passage of America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act.

The Act is the most comprehensive, transformative Anti-Corruption Act in American history. And it’s already having an impact.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happened since the Act passed:

As you can see, corruption doesn’t like sunlight – and now it’s out in the open in South Dakota.

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Tzipora Lederman is skilled in political communication and strategy. She specializes in grassroots communication and spearheading political stunts, earning national media attention in outlets from Fox and CBS to Variety and The New York Times. Tzipora has a B.A. in politics from Oberlin College and a background of advocacy and political organizing. She works in the Represent.Us San Francisco office.
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