While we like to call what’s going on in Washington legalized bribery, former president of Shell Oil John Hofmeister prefers to think of it as extortion. Last year, the average cost of running a successful Senate campaign was $10.3 million, while successful campaigns for the House cost $1.6 million. That’s a 62% and 334% increase since 1986, respectively. The high costs of winning elections forces Politicians to become more brazen in their fundraising tactics, asking donors for more and more money. If they don’t pay up, Hofmiester says, they suffer political backlash in the form of unfavorable legislation. Watch the full, eye-opening report here:

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    • HA! Christians aren’t exempt from money laundering any more than anyone else is. The Catholic church (the denomination responsible for “fixing” the problem in the past) have done their fair of moving money around to cover their butts and get rich in the process. I’m not trying to paint everyone with the same brush, but saying that “Christians” are the answer to this problem is laughable

      • So your saying you don’t believe in god and you dont have faith? You rather have these criminals run our world and let it die then 90% honest god loving Christians that has more common sense in the way to live free.

        • My spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with this conversation. The point I was trying to make is – All types of people can be corrupt, politicians, moms, teachers, and yes, even Christians. If you think that just because you subscribe to one belief you are morally superior to everyone else and can do no wrong you live in a fantasy world. If you want to talk about criminals running our world, please take a moment to realize there are more Christians in prisons by PERCENTAGE relative to population than there are Atheists.

          • You must hate Christians or God. Your not a child of God so your probably going to hell. You sound corrupt yourself. How are prisoners running the world?

          • I don’t hate Christians Jose, I am just trying to point out the holes in your logic. We need good people in office, people who come from all sorts of backgrounds and follow different beliefs. Good people regardless of what religion they follow. Just saying we need Christians fixing things is ignorant and offensive.

          • Your ignorant and offensive by your logic. Your logic is whats killing earth, obviously your not paying attention to the facts. The Pope isn’t money hungry. People in the government are. Alot more people got faith in God then in the government. Why not give it hope that they can fit it, rather then watch these criminal kill earth for our future generations.

          • Then why are so many cardinals living in multi million dollar homes? Why are there so many child rapes? No one is immune for corruption. Be offended at people who do things in the name of God, not with people who believe differently

          • As a christian and child of God, I am offended by your use of God’s name to spout hatred. You quote the Pope, how would he view your comments blithely saying someone would be going to hell. How would Jesus feel about your comments? All that said, this conversation was not about faith in politics, it’s about money in politics. The majority of politicians and people spending the money are “Good Christians” in every other way, so to say that only a Christian solution will work is inappropriate. The question is how do we get money out of politics, put your faith aside and help the discussion by putting forth real ideas and solutions.

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