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  • The importance of campaign spending would decrease if the senate and electoral college were abolished, 100% of the population were enfranchised, and the electoral quotient of the house of representatives were to decrease to what it was in 1789 (approximately 46,000).

    • I think our senate should be hereditary like the house of lords in addition to this.

      Note the pernicious changes AGAINST the welfare of the individual as the UK removed these people who were previously guaranteed their job no matter how they voted, and were raised and schooled for the express purpose of governance.

      So long as there is a lower house to keep them in check, a hereditary upper house would keep corporate money in check better than an elected one.

      • Less than 10% of the current house of lords comprises members who are there due to their hereditary status. The members of the hereditary class are significant landowners in Great Britain, which is akin to big business interests, as they would be opposed to any change in the tax burden toward those of higher economic status. For example, in 1909, the British house of commons approved a bill which included a provision of land value taxation. The house of lords (which at that time was entirely hereditary and landowners) voted against the bill, leading to a crisis. This lead to legislative changes which reduced the capacity of the house of lords to block or delay bills approved in the house of commons, but the land value taxation has not been approved since.

        I suspect the majority of the population would prefer that the expenses associated with the upper chamber should be directed toward additional members of the lower chamber. In the case of the house of representatives, there would be 675 additional members based on my calculations.

  • I’ll believe they are sincere when they give most of their retirement money to charity and live like normal Americans. All of them are rich. I know for a fact that at least two of them in this graphic got lots of money via corrupt means.

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