After an impressive fundraising campaign which has raised $7.9 million dollars from over 55,000 contributors, it appears MayDay PAC’s plan is finally coming to fruition. Armed with a sizable war-chest, Lawrence Lessig’s newest project will be spending it’s money supporting as many as 8 candidates this election. Their newest ad in support of New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Jim Ruebens has a special guest star you might recognize; Gil Fulbright, Honest Politician. The satirical candidate from RepresentUs calls Scott Brown his “buddy” and criticizes Rubens for supporting anti-corruption reform.

I’m a career politician, and this is an unprovoked attack on Jim Rubens. You see, me and my buddies, we want to take your tax dollars and hand them out to the cronies and lobbyists who bankroll our political campaigns. But this Jim Rubens guy — he wants to stop corruption in Washington.

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