This is a guest post from Alex Coon, RepresentUs Education Fund’s web developer.

Warning: I’m about to talk a lot about SpaceX and Mars. Because it’s awesome. But I promise it connects back to political corruption, so bear with me.

SpaceX, the private space flight organization, started in 2002 with a dream of making the human race a space faring civilization. Most people thought they were crazy but they’ve made an immense amount of progress since they were founded. If you have 4 minutes to spare, you should watch this video. It’s a simulation of SpaceX’s plan to bring actual humans to colonize Mars. They’re going to COLONIZE MARS!

I think it’s crazy that less than a century ago we didn’t even have talk radio… let alone cute kitten GIFs. Now we’re headed to colonize another planet. Think about where we’ll be in the year 2050. That year doesn’t even sound real, but it’s coming – and trying to imagine what life might be like is completely bonkers. Maybe we’ll completely eradicate hunger, cure terminal diseases and increase equality across the board. I know at least one thing, we’ll almost definitely have colonized Mars.

The thing that gets me is that there’s a lot of work to do before all of that happens.  No matter how you slice it, America is at the forefront of all of these improvements and achievements; we’re the shepherd of these monumental changes. That’s pretty damn scary to me, and we have a responsibility to take it seriously.

I’m writing this blog post to give you an idea of why I’m working every day to fix our corrupt political system alongside this amazing team. It’s to make sure that cool stuff like going to FREAKING MARS continues to happen. To make sure we set up the systems, policies, and structures necessary to be able to make the changes we need to move things forward and not get stuck in the past.

Fighting corruption is a HUGE task that might seem crazy. But I don’t see it that way. It doesn’t take hundreds of millions of supporters or billions of dollars. It just takes a small team of smart, hard-working people with a lot of passion, who won’t give up.

That goofy bunch of nerds is what SpaceX looked like when they started in 2002.  A bunch of passionate, smart people with a dream.  You might’ve said they were crazy but they’ve made great progress and I have no doubt that they’ll take us to Mars.

It’s these sorts of stories that inspire me to come to work every single day.  This movement has a lot of teams just like this one fighting to save their communities from the corrupting influence of money in politics.  And it’s working. Those volunteers all across the country are making a huge difference.  It’s inspiring and it fills me with hope for all of the people who call this third rock from the sun home.

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