Last night, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went on The Daily Show for an interview with Jon Stewart. Rep. Pelosi appeared surprised and visibly uncomfortable when repeatedly confronted with hard-hitting questions on the undeniable effects of special interest money and corruption on our government.

It’s incredibly rare to see such a high ranking politician held to account for their fundraising activity. This interview is an absolute must-watch — The relevant segment starts at 2:53 in Part 2 and continues into Part 3.

Part 2 (skip to 2:53)


Part 3

Rep. Pelosi’s interview embodies exactly what is wrong with our current system of government. She talks big, calling Citizens United a “travesty of justice” and extolling her support for an easy to remember acronym. But instead of acknowledging how corrupt our system has become, Rep. Pelosi insists on characterizing a government-wide issue as the product of the opposing party, and refuses to see herself or her colleagues as part of the problem.

Corruption is the single most important issue facing our nation, and should not be reduced to a cheap applause line or partisan talking point. Corruption has no party affiliation — using the influence of money as a way to play one party against the other is a surefire way to permanently stall substantive reform.

We, the People, understand that our system is broken. If our leaders can’t recognize the urgent need to come together as one nation and fix it, we’ll elect new ones who will.

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