Land of the Free: Additional Fees May Apply
Land of the Free: Additional Fees May Apply

Independence Day is supposed to be about America’s freedom from tyranny.  Seriously? Not when Big Money runs our government and reigns supreme over “we the people”.

Like what you see? Join us for “Independence” Day in our efforts to speak out against today’s tyrants.  Check out this link to find out what you can do to help out our movement:

Our poster movement is a free, fun activity to do with your friends and will also be a spark to bolster our fight against Big Money politics, so please help.

Or, if you’re not really up for wheatpasting, please help us by becoming a co-sponsor of the Anti-Corruption Act.

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  • So, These are the rest of the photos from the city of our “Independence”. These are photos in front of “Independence Hall” where the constitution was drafted, and signed. Take note of the Park Ranger in the back, I tried to get a photo of one of them holding the poster, but they declined. The other is inside of the “Constitution center”, where outside, a few days earlier, others and myself received citations for a combined total of $900 for wheat-pasting on a trash can outside the main entrance(considered “Vandalism” by the Federal Gov.). So, as pictured here, I was holding them up in front of these “Historic Monuments” where our country started, as the “Land of the Free”, since we found out the hard way, that, even the trash cans outside on the side walk are considered “Federal Property”. “Land of the Free*(additional fee’s may apply) is absolutely true in this case. But, on the brighter side, my lawyer is working on it since there appears to be possible examples of abuse of authority, and violations of some of our local/federal statues . There have been similar cases-Common sense and sanity prevailed – in San Diego today. Now Bank of America can go back to defrauding America the old fashioned way, instead of demanding that the courts do their dirty work for them.A 40-year-old man was acquitted Monday of 13 misdemeanor vandalism charges that stemmed from protest messages written in chalk in front of three Bank of America branches in San Diego.Jeffrey David Olson’s attorney argued during the trial — which garnered national attention — that his client was engaging in a legal protest and was not maliciously defacing the property.Apparently the jury decided that Olsen wasn’t being malicious, whereas the statute says that the action must be so, and that makes good sense:Defense attorney Tom Tosdal argued that vandalism law required jurors to find something was “maliciously defaced.””His purpose was not malicious. His purpose was to inform,” Tosdal said of his client. So, this is just one example, and my lawyer will be having a look at our local/federal statues further, to see if the same might apply.

    The fight continues….I will send in any information that may help any of us, if we end up in similar situations. Please do understand, we were guilty of pasting on federal property,(altho, we did not think a trash can on, what appeared to be a public sidewalk, would have been considered “federal property”, hence, why we posted on the trash can and not the building.) we are not debating that, we are debating the severity of the penalty.

    So, more to come….

    P.S.- we do not hold responsible for the actions that we have willingly participated in, with a sound mind.

    Thank you very much, I would like to request this txt to be posted with the pics on facebook.
    Thank you in advance for your kindness and cooperation.

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