One Congresswoman slipped up and left behind evidence of a terrifyingly corrupt system.

This message was left for a lobbyist.  That’s right, Norton literally called a lobbyist with the sole intention of squeezing out some money.

After this voicemail hit the web, Norton released a statement saying that requesting campaign contributions was completely “above board and ‘standard.’” According to current laws, scarily enough, she’s right. However, there’s a reason that this voicemail received major press. In any other country in the world, Norton’s actions would be labeled as blatant solicitation of a bribe, (or maybe baksheesh over in Asia) but in the Washington DC, she was just playing the standard game. Taking money from the interests they regulate is how our representatives stay afloat in a system dominated by big money. It’s also how the wealthy special interests are able to keep our politicians on a tight leash.  Want to cut the cord? Check out the plan at


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    • Someone is not paying attention. We DO have term limits, it’s called Elections! This is completely LEGAL, because of the Citizen United ruling. Where have you been & what have you done to reverse the Citizen United ruling? Have you requested your City Council sign a Resolution to reverse Citizen United? This is happening all over the country to Amend the Constitution. This year the Supreme Court could possibly even make this worst:

      • The wing nuts also missed the fact that Norton cannot vote on legislation, so if they think that she was bribed then what exactly was bought, certainly not her vote?

      • Sounds like you are the one who hasn’t been paying attention. You think lobbyists were created by the Citizens United decision??? Don’t kid yrself this has been going on for DECADES.

      • “People get the government they deserve.” – John Updike
        “What good fortune for governments that people do not think.” – Adolph Hitler

        • I agree 100%, Thats why we got a know nothing about business wanna be gangsta, muslim douchbag for president. all the media except fox is censored and all the brainwashed uninformed liberals are being told what they think, just like 1930s when Hitler was becoming very popular. I know people reading this knows what happened next. For you liberals (who can read) It ended badly for Germany for many years. As long as barry soeteo is in charge its going to end badly for the USA

          • Man, most liberals think Obama’s a soulless shill for corporate interests, so stop living in the past. People aren’t as black and white (no pun intended) as you seem to think. And FOX news is uncensored and unbiased? It is demonstrably the most politically-motivated and untrustworthy news source in the western world.

          • @Permanent NSA Furlough, It was the Republican led Supreme Court that handed down Citizens United. It is the GOP who love corporations. President Obama is not a soulless shill. He is our first black president and people hate him because of his skin color. Too bad, the majority of non-racist white,black and other races voted for him (twice). Get over it and move on.

          • He installed former lobbyists for telecom, banking, and big agriculture as the heads of regulation for the country. He gave the power to the people who have been screwing the world for decades. Is this something you were not aware of?

            Also, he has killed how many with drone strikes? And has continued extrajudicial imprisonment and torture of inmates from the appalling Bush-era practices. His aggression against the Arab world is repugnant.

            His pursuit of whistleblowers is disgusting as well, especially in light of his previously-vocal support of them. Another sign that he is not open to transparency and honesty, in my mind.

            Don’t be confused about this: I was very optimistic and elated when he was elected. I wanted him to be what he had promised. But I’ve been very disappointed because he is clearly controlled by monied interests (or is actually a manipulative liar – though I don’t see much difference between the two).

          • I don’t vote color…I vote qualifications…..Obama has none! And please get over your “I’m special skin color” crap because it really highlights stupid! Illegal Alien’s voted Obama no doubt about it!

          • Faux News is merely the jewish right, also part of the marxist dialectic:


            “The MAIN way Jews conquer the world: They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing which drives the Working Class to the Left where Marxists scoop them all up!” – Hervé Ryssen



          • @Gdjohn52, Boy are you delusional. More Democrats are college educated the Republicans.
            Fox News is just another outlet for racist Republicans who just love to lie, cheat and steal. Ending badly for the USA started a long time ago and got a huge push from G. W. Bush with his lies and invading two sovereign nations that had nothing to do with 9/11. .

          • Educated by who..? The likes of Bill Ayers? I remember that terrorist from the 70’s planting bombs and blowing people up. As to the democratic party, they have nothing to say. You and the rest of the democrat retards have amnesia and keep forgetting it was your party that created the KKK, it was your party that was against civil rights, and it was your party the wanted a civil war. Now you’re back to starting another civil war by pissing the populous with your grandiose ideas with the EPA, the current illegal immigrate invasion and regulating jobs right out of this country. So please, do us a favor and zip your pie hole and start thinking with the brain God gave you instead what’s between your legs.

          • It seem your the one with the short memory. Your president Bush gave tax breaks to companies to move off shore. And if you don’t think certain industries need regulating just look at recent history and the great resection!

          • I guess your memory is shorter than mine. It was bill clinton that came up with NAFTA and was passed by a democratic congress (this was before the repubs took over congress after 45+ years of holding the majority). Thank you for playing, please try again.

          • NAFTA was originally dreamed by the Heritage Foundation during Reagan, then HW Bush originally approved it and yes (DINO) Clinton did sign it. the House of Representatives approved NAFTA on November 17, 1993,
            234-200. The agreement’s supporters included 132 Republicans and 102
            Democrats. NAFTA passed the Senate 61-38. Senate supporters were 34
            Republicans and 27 Democrats. Clinton signed it into law on December 8,
            1993; it went into effect on January 1, 1994.

          • If it was such a good deal, why did pelosi boxer vote for it? No, bush started it, left office and bill renegotiated it and then signed it.

          • I guess you didn’t get the memo. Bush started NAFTA, left office before it was finished (not finished). Bill had to start again and re-negotiate the treaty (theft). And your darling turds like pelosi and boxer voted yes. There are others, And yes, the repubs threw the country under the bus for this. Sad when you have red communists (democrats) and pink socialists (republicans) working on the same goals.

          • I guess your memory is shorter than mine. It was bill clinton that came
            up with NAFTA and was passed by a democratic congress (this was before
            the repubs took over congress after 45+ years of democraps holding the majority).
            Thank you for playing, please try again.

          • Apparently not NATAL was introduced by Republicans during the Herbert Walker Bush Administration and brought up again during the Clinton Administration when it was passed by full house and Senate!

          • How about we go farther back and think of Woodrow Wilson? President “man of peace” (sent the U.S. into WWI) and man created the federal reserve (high level thieves). And you’re still ducking the KKK ownership.

          • “More Democrats are college educated the Republicans.”…quite obvious that your college “education” has served you well…lmfao

          • Talking about delusional, FYI Afghanistan was providing safe haven for the people who attacked us. And the belief in WMDs and Iraq predated the Bush administration. And there was also claims of an Iraq ,Al Qaeda connection long before Bush. You should brush up on history not the history that the left wing smear merchants peddle to the willfully ignorant.

          • More Republicans than Democrats have four year degrees, while more Democrats than Republicans have post bac degrees. Draw whatever conclusions you like, but get the facts straight.

          • Thresa Jenkins you sadly make the mistake that somehow a
            collage diploma equates to the gaining of wisdom. It isn’t! Collage has become
            a breeding ground for liberals and communistic ideas! Just wondering what your
            take is on SJR-19?

      • We the People….you say someone is not paying attention. You’re right – it is WE THE PEOPLE. The electorate is poorly informed and that’s how these people keep getting re-elected. As long as their representatives bring home the bacon, they are happy to vote for them no matter what they are doing to this country. THAT is why we need term limits. And BTW, do you REALLY believe this kind of stuff started with the Citizens United ruling? If so, you are a fool. And you are the problem.

        • Where do you think it all started? Citizens United is not the beginning of the end of Democracy…maybe the beginning was when working labor’s wages started being taxed in 1953, “Lewis Powell Memo,” A.L.E.C., deregulation trucking, removals of tariffs, Glass-Seagull, deregulation of broadcasting or maybe not enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act.

      • This has been going on long before Citizen’s United. It would be lovely if overturning that one opinion were all it would take but politicians have been on the take for decades.

    • Term limits will not help. They actually give more power to the consultants, who are the source of our problems. Good people should be allowed to stay in their jobs as like as they are doing a good job. Newly elected people have to rely on their advisors, and the advisors a huge part of the problem.

      Term limits will actually make thing worse.

  • This is just a normal example of the corrupt system being worked by one of the libturds. Amazing that this is even considered LEGAL let alone coming from the pie hole of someone who is SUPPOSED to represent US, not herself, and sure as shit, not some lobbyist.

    • Its all over both parties. Its how the Washington game is played. If you think your favorite politician isn’t doing exactly this, you are delusional. Some hate it, some embrace it, but they all do it, or they get replaced by someone else who does.

      Lets change the game!

    • Hey genius, this is the system your *conservative* Supreme Court chiseled into stone for the country. Thanks for that. I guess who know who the real “turds” are

      • I surely know who the real turds are and they are you and your kind. whenever you are confronted with a truth you try to turn it around on the other party. whoever made this type of behavior legal is wrong and now comes the job of changing it, not blaming someone else. we the American people need to clear the house and the senate and mostly the white house and scrub the filth and lies “for a more perfect union.” one that is at least honest. it will be hard but it can be done and has to start with getting rid of the lying democrats first and foremost.

        • Oh yeah. Let’s replace them with lying Republicans. You know you’re just asking for more of the same as long as the system itself demands hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay in office.

          • I agree the system is broken. I do NOT agree with your assessment of Republicans. Unless you are talking about the RINOs like Graham and McCain. Of course, to point to them at all would just assert one thing and one thing only. They are NOT Republicans, but Dumbasscrats in sheeps clothing. Again proving they are liars, and liberal in the same breath. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

          • as much as i disagree with the latest statements of both graham and mc cain, i do not think they have lied. at least not to their way of thinking. they have not fully thought out the underlying circumstances of the actions they propose and if they have, they chose to ignore them. at any rate i think their actions have hurt their chances of re-election and they know it.

          • i think the point was to replace them with “honest” people. the founding fathers saw the elected officials as working americans who took time off from their jobs and chores to gather together and make policies that would benefit our nation and our people and then go back to their jobs and their homes. they did not intend to make a ruling class out of political figures who get rich off the backs of their fellow americans while not doing their bidding. we must start looking at the honesty of the people running whether they be democrat or republican. i am old enough to remember when there were members of both parties that filled that “bill.” it just seems to me that, just like the verse in the bible says, there will come a day when man no longer values the truth. we have seen far too much dishonesty in the last few decades and it has hurt our country. america has really taken a hit with this president. our credibility has fallen to a new low with all the cover ups and his foreign policies, whatever that might be other than incompetence.

        • Just for the record,Citizens United passed with 4 republican justices and the turncoat dem Kennedy,against 4 nay voting democrats.

        • It has to get rid of every motherfucking one of them, Dems and Reps lobbyists, interns lawyers, judges, prosecuters. right down the the last robocop . Anyone who thinks they have authority and start over

      • Wonderful. Another idiot who thinks it gets to rewrite history to suit it’s agenda. Amazing how stupid you all have become. Where did you get your education, Libturd University of Rewritten History? Go suck a tailpipe. Your idiocy is causing a huge carbon footprint. I’m assuming you also believe in global warming? How about murder? Your in favor of that too, I’d bet. Dipsticks like you shouldn’t be allowed to have access to computers. You use them not for gathering of intelligence, but for the spreading of your ignorance. Consider yourself ignored. You’re not worth my time, or the time of any OTHER intelligent person. Buh bye

        • You swallow the bullshit meant to divide us hook, line, and sinker. Too bad your mom didn’t swallow the night you were conceived.

        • C not Racist , Your an asshole I hate nobama and what he stands for, I hate our government more for what they have become but its people like you who have “all the fucking answers” and everyone else is wrong . You can go fuck youself

          • You must be a “Libertarian.” Go home and smoke your dope. No one is interested in listening to your stupidity on destroying everything so you can have the right to do drugs. It’s obviously affected your brain, since you can’t tell facts from stupidity. Apparently, having a computer and access to the internet is too much for your miniscule brain to handle. Stop before you hurt yourself.

        • So what have you contributed to the conversation,nothing but a whole lot of stupid idiotic negative crap.You accuse her of going to Libturd University of Rewritten History, where the hell did you go knucklehead, to the University of know nothings? If you think only the Democrats ask for contributions your convoluted. Republicans have received plenty from the Koch brothers.
          An organization with ties to the Koch Brothers,Freedom Partners, gave grants worth a total of $236 million to conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups like the Tea Party Patriots and organizations which opposed The Affordable Care Act prior to the 2012 election. A majority of Freedom Partners board of directors is made up of long-time employees of the Koch brothers, and has been called “the Koch brothers’ secret bank” for its function as a vehicle to provide large donations to external organizations that advance causes supported by the Kochs.

    • statements like that feed the “divide and conquer” strategy. there are things to like and dislike from all political views, take these things issue by issue and not party vs party.

      I’m with Paul Allen on this one, time to change the game.

      • Yes, it’s time to change the game, but the whole bullshit line on “divide and conquer” has diddly to do with what I said. She is a libturd, and anyone who supports her is a libturd who has no brain. The best thing that could happen right now is to get rid of them ALL and start over, as the founding fathers meant it to be, not some lame assed liberal pipe dream about bigger government and less freedom. Folks who pussy foot around the issues because it causes dissension are just as at fault as the group of lazy worhtless libs who vote themselves more of what I work for so they don’t have to work at all.

        • Are you really this stupid, or are you a paid sock puppet or shill? How much are you making sucking off the Koch brothers?

        • Unfortunately, you can’t claim to be much better than ‘Libturds’ when in the same breath you don’t bash the Republican Party too. Until you realize that BOTH parties are corrupt and BOTH parties promote big government and less freedom, you are still just as much a part of the problem as ‘Libturds’.

          We need to all become post-partisan and think independently. When you do, you’ll find that ‘conservatives’ like you sound just as bad as liberals do. The best possible thing you could do is stop watching FOX News, just like the best thing Liberals could do is stop watching MSNBC, CNN, and NBC. These power brokers masquerading as media have only one interest and that is to fill your mind with disinformation, subjective opinion, and blind partisanship.

          No independently thinking man or woman can come to such a biased opinion about the ‘other side’ without being brainwashed into thinking that way.

          • Amazing how smug you appear when you don’t have the facts. I don’t watch Fox news either. I gather MY data independently and analyze facts. Sorry, but you are wrong. Again. I’m not brainwashed, and I am more than cognizant of the corruption in the GOP. That’s why I’m not a republican. Nor am I a “Libertarian.” Guess again, but you’d be wrong. Again. You post a lot, but you have zero facts, zero integrity, and zero meaning for me. Buh bye.

          • I actually might be agreeing with you on THIS issue. But not for the same reasons.

    • Sadly, the Supreme Court says corporations are “people” and also that they can funnel as much money as they want (I think without revealing the donators) into the PROMOTION AND PURCHASE of elected officials.

  • Eleanor Holmes Norton (born June 13, 1937) is a Delegate to the United States Congress representing the District of Columbia. As a non-voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Norton may serve on committees,
    as well as speak on the House floor; however, she is not permitted to
    vote on the final passage of any legislation. As a member of the House,
    Norton is also known as Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton.

  • Sept. 16, 2010 – You’d think that this much outcry I’m seeing would motivate someone to actually go out and vote for a change …. Shame it didn’t turn out that way and we still have to deal with this even in 2013 and beyond as I expect it to continue as “business as usual”. #bringyabrooms #itsamess

  • Your share menu not being pinned to the top of the page so it floats around and covers the articles and comments, is a real pain in the ass.

  • In Lawrence Lessig’s book “Lesterland: the Corruption of Congress and How to End It” reveals the official outline given to new members of Congress about how best to spend their time. According to the document, the US govt officially recommends that the largest chunk of their office time be spent raising money. Truly disgusting.

  • you might want to check out how many democrats are creating scandals as opposed to how many republicans are doing so. Obama has received more pinnocios since he has been in office than any president in modern history. his staff are constantly being confronted on tv interviews with their lies and they just keep on lying. you cannot name one republican that has told bold face lies and I can name you several democrats. lets see, Obama, schummer, Pelosi, reid, cutter, rangel, weiner, wasserman-schultz, the entire irs dept. heads, the list goes on and aon. you think republicans lie because you believe the lying democrats and I don’t want to hear about bush and Iraq. democrats lied thru their teeth about that deal and the only ones not knowing it are those like you who think as you do. your agenda is destroying the greatest nation ever to be and when you finish I can only hope you are proud because no one else will be.

    • Had a discussion with someone I have respected for years yesterday and he is totally oblivious to anything OB/Holder and others are doing? His answer is “you can’t believe Fox news? ?? ,I saidat least they show 2 views. However that being said, When OB wants things, he expects them done, however when he’s asked to explain them and he can’t or its argued, its those damn Reps who are ruining the country..My friends additude is simply raise taxes and fix the problems and continue on ?? Throw more and more $$ at it…Financially he must be all set.. I’m not on the other hand…He also has no idea about Benghazi or most other things(scandals) and I said why is that? Because you’ll never hear them on the MSMedia.. That’s not just a Fox thing…It happened, yet he really doesn’t know about it or feels its a concern? (Thank God I wasn’t in the service with this guy. Leave no one behind)……He also doens’t feel OB is the real problem? I told him he is “in charge” and needs to bring everyone to the table and keep trying that till it happens…He thinks OB has tried this? He has? OB’s answer to everything is its not his job and “they” know what they are supposed to do, then walks away from it He is basically a coward to confront anyone or anything one on one. No one likes confrontation but esepecially in the job of Pres, you better have the “courage” to stand up and take ALL issues on…He says something then retreats…Thats why wer in huge trouble internationally as well….When it comes to “leading” you have 2 options, you lead or you lead from behind…The latter is the weaker postion since you’re always on the defensive when it comes to international issues or terrorism..

      • I found out a long time ago, don’t argue are explain anything to LIEberal idiots, they will never change their opinion, if it doesn’t affect them, or if they are not told by their glorious leaders I prefer to pity and laugh at them

        • Thats where youre wrong Jessie, We have got to open the eyes of these brainwashed liberals because theres a shitload of them, We need to be a nation again Right now we are a divided people. Divided (in large part) by nobama. We have gone so so far backwards in racial harmony, and left vs right and thats how you begin to control people. Divide and Conquer

    • You remind me of the truism that there is no one more vocal about smoking than an ex-smoker. 😀 Rather you realize that the party has left you. I respect you so much for your interest in objectively weighing the information before you instead of defending an old position that no longer exists. The rekindling of active conservatives began during 43’s administration, e.g. Party doesn’t matter. Character, ethics, behavior, and upholding the Constitution are what counts – something too many Republicans come up short on.

    • Woman ,you think the republicans don’t lie?OMG ! you are a sorry fooled old woman! Wouldn’t want to be you.You live in an imaginary world. Maybe you need some hearing aids,folk your age either fabricate ,or misconstrue what has been said . Sorry for you ,wouldn’t want to be you! You keep saying Democrats are destroying the nation ,yet you have not once posted a fact or truth of how it is being destroyed. The Democrats got your “S” out of the ditch ,Bush but your old “S” in that deep ditch. Get some facts…the same goes for the rest of the incompetent fools that post crap without evidence or facts. Please Not from briebarts ,glen beck and the koo-koo birds .They are all conspiracy theorist!

      • i do not believe that republicans do not lie. i choose to find out for myself, as i have stated in previous comments. in the search i have discovered that the gop is by far the more honest party. i cite the facts that debbie w. shultz, stephenie cutter, harry reid, anthony weiner, nancy pelosie, barney frank, chuck schummer, susan rice, hillary clinton, bill clinton, barack obama, and the list goes on and on. all these people have been confronted with their lies on nat’l tv, other than obama who no one seems to have the nerve to do so other than the “shout outs.” and one last thing, that “ditch” you think you got us out of has turned into one giant canal that we will never get out of and that mister dumb ass is what you and your kind have gotten us into. everything evil said about obama is being proven to be true. you are angry at his being caught and your agenda threatened.

      • the democrats passed the stimulus that did not stimulate anything but the pocketbooks of obama supporters and cost the tax payers almost 1 trillion dollars. that was the beginning of the end. then the democrats crammed obamacare down the throats of the tax payers that will add another 6 trillion dollars (according to the hbo). right out of the box the obama adm. with the help of his commrades added unsustainable debt not to speak of the millions added to the welfare rolls. more added there than to jobs number. none of the good full time jobs that were lost during the crisis have been replaced. the jobs added have been low paying and part time. businesses are closing, down sizing or moving out of the country. median incomes for middle class families have fallen by thousands of dollars annually. under obamas’ protection and endorsement 300,000 unborn children are murdered in this country. liberal prof. are advocating adult/child sexual relationships. our public schools are teaching with pornography under the direction of this new obama initiative common core. liberal courts are doing what they can to undermine morality on a daily basis. i could go on, but i am old and tired of this. however, i do enjoy reading your foolishness and after watching the main witness the prosecutors had in the zimmerman trial, i can now note from your choice of words that blacks were not the only dumb watts that got obama elected.

        • You are so full of baloney ,oh my God ! the stimulus went to different incentives .

          Provisions of the Act

          Composition of the Act:
          Tax incentives — includes $15 B for Infrastructure and Science, $61 B for Protecting the Vulnerable, $25 B for Education and Training and $22 B for Energy, so total funds are $126 B for Infrastructure and Science, $142 B for Protecting the Vulnerable, $78 B for Education and Training, and $65 B for Energy.
          State and Local Fiscal Relief — Prevents state and local cuts to health and education programs and state and local tax increases.

          Section 3 of ARRA listed the basic intent behind crafting the proposal. This Statement of Purpose included the following:

          To preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery.

          To assist those most impacted by the recession.

          To provide investments needed to increase economic efficiency by spurring technological advances in science and health.

          To invest in transportation, environmental protection, and other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits.

          To stabilize State and local government budgets, in order to minimize and avoid reductions in essential services and counterproductive state and local tax increases.

          The Act specifies that 37% of the package is to be devoted to tax incentives equaling $288 billion and $144 billion, or 18%, is allocated to state and local fiscal relief (more than 90% of the state aid is going to Medicaid and education). The remaining 45%, or $357 billion, is allocated to federal spending programs such as transportation, communication, waste water and sewer infrastructure improvements; energy efficiency upgrades in private and federal buildings; extension of federal unemployment benefits; and scientific research programs.

          The following are details to the different parts of the final bill

          • anyone can go online and repeat what the stimulus was “supposed” to do. what it actually did has been reported only on conservative news outlets which is why you are so ignorant. do a little more research and find out just how many states had to lay off teachers even with that “huge” benefit from the stimulus. check into how much actually went to “support” green energy jobs and just how many millions per job it cost the taxpayers. less than 6% went to infrastructure. had all of it been used to fortify our roads and bridges it would not have been such a waste. years ago the corp. of engineers did a 2 year study of the condition of our roads and bridges and reported a cost of over 2 trillion dollars to repair this part of infrastructure. some of our bridges are in very bad shape. repairing them could not only create jobs but possibly save lives. common sense and honesty would go a long way in repairing america. we will get neither from this adm. however, hope is on the way. i suggest you read bro. john hagee’s book “four blood moons.” it will shake up your little communist/socialist ideology.

          • Yeah, like small-government conservatives would support public spending that wasn’t military-related. Sure, lady.

  • another thing just where do you get off calling republicans liars? there will always be bad apples but I do not see liars in the current bunch. maybe cowards not to impeach Obama but not liars. I am still a reg. democrat but will never vote democrat again. I started noticing the change in the party after Clinton was elected not once but twice. this party has been taken over by communist and worse and uses nothing but dishonest and trickery to win elections which is being reflected in our current poor state of affairs both domestic and abroad.

    • Lets start by asking you to state some of nobamas truths, His lies alone far outnumber anytime hes told the truth, Heres one Lie Benghazi, A home made video caused all the shit that killed 4 Americans nobama lie. The truth is that nobama gave those terrorists the weapons they used to kill 4 of our own and the CIA was in on it. I can go on and on while your still trying to find 1 truth

      • You sure aren’t replying to what Faith wrote. Maybe read again before “apologizing”? She clearly states she does NOT see

    • Hah. Now that the pathway to the presidency has been presented to minorities through the democratic party, you want to jump ship all of a sudden. Can someone say DIXIECRAT?

      • not all of a sudden. It has taken years of watching news and house and senate hearings to realize that I much prefer the intellect and tone of the republicans to the vile vicious presentations of the democrats and as far as inferring that I am a racist, so be it. being a racist is far more appealing than being a moron. I admire a lot of black people but will concede that all of them are conservatives like Thomas sowell, dr. den carson, judge Clarence Thomas and Charles paige of fox business news. there are also a lot of black women making a difference on the political stage and in the news media. I just hate liberals and continue to see the damage they have done to my country. I am 71 years old and have been warning my children for the last 40 years that something bad was happening to America and until recent years did not know exactly what it was other than a decay of morality. now I know it was a purposely led liberal process and it will end badly if not stopped. the icing on the cake was the raucous democratic Nat’l convention that was a disgrace to America. liberals have desensitized our youth to evil so when they exibit the evil it goes almost unnoticed other than by decent americans which are shrinking in number. our only hope is another Christian revival which is sweeping most of the world, to come to America. one good thing about your comment, it made me go on line to find out how to change my party officially. the term dixiecrat is funny. if you so love the word democrat maybe you should look at the history. democrats fought tooth and nail to prevent black upward movement of any kind. the republicans were the ones working to better black citizens. only after the interest in politics for the past several years have I gotten to the truth and continue to do research and fact checking . one of Thomas sowells’ articles on Obama back in 2007 0r 2008 in which he said to beware of Obama because he was dangerous really started my distrust of Obama and the subsequent research just intensified that distrust and dislike. not racist. logical.

        • Fear
          mongering, Be Afraid! Quiet down old woman you talk: poop: you do not know
          anything about. You hear all the crap from Fox News and believe it! I just
          wonder why your old “S” did not complain when bush was throwing
          billions of dollars away to the Iraq war. 9 billion dollars went missing
          –guess it was the time; soldiers were throwing money out the Humvees. Well,
          this is what happened woman the Republican party that you claim were helping
          the blacks, was infested by bad yeast. You got the dang racist Dixiecrats KKKs
          and screwed up your party. Now you have the haters in your party, the Sarah Palins,
          the Ted Cruz, Virginia fox, Michele Bachman ECT. …these idiots are driving your party to be
          the laughingstock .It is hilarious when you folk call the democrats the ones
          who are presenting vile and vicious presentations, yet you would prefer being
          called a racist to a moron, you are a moron you racist old woman. I pray before
          you face God, you repent of that, “OLD MAN” …called sin. Jesus ate with
          what you folk would call the lowlifes, but we are all sinners and fall short of
          the glory of God.

          • fox news is the only news channel that presents the truth. if you were not so stupid you would be abel to see that. the only time they got anything wrong they corrected it immediately. i watch news almost 24/7 and that includes c-span for the actual senate and house hearings so as to be informed as best i can. i am old and have seen many changes in this country and most have not been for the better. i am not a republican, yet, but i formed my opinion of the democrats based on their behavior on national television in various venues. you are a fool if you think everyone that opposes obama is a racist. what he has done to this nation is wrong and you cannot continue to cite bushs’ wrongs as an excuse for obama. come back after the 2014 mid term elections and let us discuss which party is the laughing stock. obamas’ approval rating is dropping like a rock and not because of anything bush did. alot of people have finally figured out he (obama) is a phony with too many things to hide. we will also be able to decide who is the moron. as far as being a racist, you would not know one if they slapped you upside your vile face. that is all you lilly livered liberals can do in a discussion is resort to calling someone a racist. it has lost it’s once importance. folks are becoming desensitized to the word. you might also want to read up on your history and get the facts straight. liberals lie and just keep lying in hopes of convincing enough get elected which is why we are facing the downfall of america.

          • the “poop” you call it, was the democratic nat’l convention where the slime actually took the word GOD and the support of israel out of their platform. when the public found out they were chastized into a vote which was obvious to all who watched that they had voted to keep those words out but in true dishonest fashion , the speaker just said the “ayes have it” to save face and prevent the nation from knowing just how vile the democrats have become. then there is the code pink group that dressed themselves as vaginas and protested. now that is real poop, even you should get a handle on this. you are as stupid and disgusting as a combo of miley cyrus and barry obama or soreinto or whatever he wants to call himself. look it up stupid! obama is not the first to deal badly with the middle east but he is surely the most incompetent and at this time in history we do not need incompetence nor do we need his kind of dishonesty and arrogance.

          • JESUS also ate with the wealthy. he was honored at his birth by kings. he knew no class distinction. you and your hero have divided this country far more than it was. you have a distorted sense of right and wrong which is the liberal way. too bad with your closed mind you will never learn until you meet our maker and then it will be too late. i am in complete comfort with my relationship with my lord and am in continuous study re his greatness which is the main reason i have such disdain for the democratic party of late. they uphold a very sinful and evil agenda which i hope is coming to an end. there was recently news that christianity was the fastest growing religion in the world. i pray there is a christian revival in america to save our great nation.

      • If you think that the democrat party is the party of John Kennedy, then you are a fool. I hate the Republican Party because they were formed to STOP slavery while the democrats supported it. Now I have my legions of help convincing the dumbass black man by help of their clergy to follow suit!!! I have the scummiest of people called “reverend” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson calling themselves reverend and a media that buys that and a dumb black sector that actually accepts it!! They all will soon come live with me in Hell.
        I hate the conservatives/Republicans because they are trying to stop the dumb blacks going to Hell.

    • There are no grounds (that means no reason) to impeach President Obama. We call Republicans liars because that is what they do 99% of the time. I think you are becoming senile and do not know what is right any more. The biggest theft of an election was Geo Bush in 2000. He stole the election with the help of the right-wing Supreme court. Haven’t seen any other theft that big ever. The Affordable Health Care law was passed by both the Senate and the House and now the right wing of the Republican party is trying to change the law without going through the proper channels and through the actions asset up by the constitution. WHAT IS THE BIGGEST THEFT BY THE REPUBS AND THEY ARE STEALING FROM PEOPLE WHO NEED HEALTH CARE THE MOST. WHY???wHY DON’T YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE HEALTH CARE???

      • you are a misguided fool. i am a registered democrat only because i have not as yet officially changed my party. i have yet to see one lie the now elected republicans have told as compared to the lies told by democrats too numerous to report here, but if you have watched any news at all, including the dishonest msm you will have seen the liars caught in the lies and their pitiful responses. you are a hater of good and a lover of evil or you would want to know the truth. not one person has been turned away from getting care when they need it. the fact that they go to the emergency room to receive it is costly which was one of the driving points for changing our system. had sensible people, instead of idiot democrats, been involved in that change we could have just put uninsured on the medicaid rolls instead of destroying the best system in the world. changes in the way the insurance industry does business would have also helped. now, the republicans need to just step away and let the —-hit the fan, as it will and the 2014 election will decide whether america will become the great nation it once was or we will go the way of the democratic party and succumb to socialism. we all have a choice. you have made yours clear and i hope i have made mine as well. as far as reasons for impeaching obama, i will name a few. bypassing congress to get his way on several issues the main one being having the epa do his dirty work after both houses voted it down as the cap and trade bill, appointing people to boards when the congress was officially in session, rewritting laws without congress, like he did when he delayed the healthcare mandate for big business and his involvement in all the scandals that he is under investigation for. he will not get off from all of them and any one will be grounds for impeachment. you sir, are not only a fool but you are a liar. thank you for your response. i love reading such foolish crap.

      • I love people like you. Stupid and blind. The fact that you think Bush stole the election is proof you will spend eternity with me.
        My little imp Obama has suckered the American public with use of the media in so many ways. Never mind he said that insurance would be cheaper. Ha!
        Never mind that he said his administration would be transparent. Ha!
        Never mind that he claims to be a Christian but is, an atheist.
        Never mind he is un-American because he shut down a WWII memorial that wasn’t even a government funded park.

        Never mind that his brother Malik is a terrorist with the muslim brotherhood and on the watch list with Egypt.

        Never mind that he is the most corrupt president ever with Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS scandals, guarding the media, going after a reporter for questioning him, cabinet member Kathleen Sebelius soliciting money (bribes), the hijacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, friends with terrorist and funded by America-hater George Soros.

        Regarding Obamacare, this was passed during the night and now people see the Socialist agenda this idiot has and even the unions (democrat lovers) are saying no. If it is so great, then why isn’t Obama on it?

        Sleep well, my stupid minions.

  • Some of you obviously still haven’t gotten past the whole Democrat vs. Republican (same as Chevy vs. Ford, they’re both automobiles) con game. They are all CRIMINALS!!! They enable each other and play off of each other. They have a Ministry of Propaganda that supports this illusion as well and that includes those neocons that pretend to be conservative and get paid very well to do so. These are probably the most effective tools in the arsenal of the system and most of you just can’t see past the mountainous BS. Don’t be led over the cliff by the wolves whether they are dressed like sheep or not and stop listening to the pied pipers/don’t be a ditto head.

    • I am seeing it more and more. There is no difference between to two. Until we can elect a 3rd party, we are doomed!!

      • I’m not sure that another party is even the answer. The District of Criminals is a sham, they are not a party to the Republic. We have to make an end run around them just as they did to the Republic. The start of the so-called Civil War was the effective end of the Republic as a functioning system. The Republic is still there but it has been abandoned. The District of Criminals did this on purpose so that they could set up this system in which they can operate legally (not the same as lawfully) as they wish. Most of us were conned into adopting this system by various tricks and we don’t even realize that this is a separate system nor that we are a part of it. But this explains why the politicians can do whatever it is they wish and we are powerless within the system to stop it. Once we realize that we’ve been duped into this “appearance of reality” we should stop conforming and participating with this corrupt and evil system and reclaim our sovereignty (I know I know, this world has been flagged by those that have imposed this system and most of you mindlessly repeat the mantras as instructed) and when enough of us have done this we could theoretically reanimate the Republic and just let the District of Criminals slide on down the toilet bowl of history with the rest of the excrement.

    • Thank you sir. Some of my post may seem to lean towards the democrats, but I am not fooled by the fact that most of these so called hot issues between the two parties are manufactured. And what you have is people on both sides falling for the BS. Its another way of collecting funds for their respected party. Listen to all these people on this thread fall for the bull.

  • Why does she have time to solicit for herself on our dime? She should be spending all her time working for the American people, not trying to enrich herself


    You helped it happen:

    – By being ignorant.
    – By being gullible.
    – By not doing your homework.
    – By not being vigilant.
    – By writing off REAL CHRISTIANS AND REAL CONSERVATIVES as extremists, antisemites, and haters.
    – By paying taxes (tribute) to the very “race” who funded communism (
    – By believing the media that belongs to the very people who’ve been trying to foist communism on America for over 100 years (
    – By foolishly believing the lies about who engineered 9/11 so you could be duped into taking over the last section of the world the judeocommunists didn’t control, the Middle East (

    Now they’re too powerful to stop.

    And you helped.

    Expect the judeocommunists to nuke an American city then blame it on Muslims. Or North Korea (as ludicrous as that sounds). Martial law will be declared. Even now troops are being dispatched to key areas of the country in anticipation of martial law. Which should be proof enough that our own government – or more specifically, the jews who control our government – are behind the implementation of martial law.

  • Noah, it’s sitting right there in front of you and you can’t see it. This has ZERO to do with wealthy special interests. Legislators set absurdly high *base* taxes and regulate “special interests* out the kazoo. THEN they hang a sign up outside their office that says “Let’s Make a Deal”. Why do you think the legislators went to such extremes to pass the invasive Affordable Care Act and then offered /waivers/ to those who could buy their way out. Government regulation is /nothing/ but an extortion letter to the people affected. This is about money because the legislators WANT it to be about money.

  • I would contribute toward a one way ticket to go back where she came from if she were to agree to never hold public office again – This woman is a socialist!

  • Good God..When are we going to drag these people by their hair out in the streets and give them what they deserve? This is exactly what is wrong with our country.

  • It is legal, even if it’s distasteful. It’s commonly referred to as. “Dialing for Dollars.”

    The practice when only be changed when the game is changed.


  • Wow we stright up suck as a country!!!! everything is so corrupt and 85% of our people are completley dumb down to a point they will be excited when mashal law arrives.

  • Why is this a surprise to anyone?, I has been going on for years and as long as DC is policed by DC, there is not going to be a change, they have the media in their pocket and anyone who contradicts their plan is made to look like a fool, it is time folks, time to stand up and DEMAND that we have some ethical leaders to straighten out this mess, I am personally sick and tired of politicians getting paid under the table for favors that they should be sent to prison for.

  • Example If I was a town building inspector and I asked someone for a little contribution I would be arrested for taking a bribe. This type of business is why we the people have no representation in Washington. Everything is given out to the highest bidder.

  • This is how they steal. They control million dollar projects they award give to certain people in cahoots with a cash back deal.

  • Repost!

    This is the most corrupt administration in history. The Chicago corruption hits the Washington corruption and swallows it
    whole. Then mutates into a filthy national
    influence buying monster, and the filth is so pungent
    it hits you like a cat 5 tornado in the plains states destroying everything in its path. Everyone is
    left wondering what happened and what it means. Well I’ll tell you what happened and what it means.

    The Soulless Marxist Criminal Berry Obama and his criminal enterprise from the
    Windy City have rolled into town and the damage
    they are doing to our Constitution and the people’s lives they are destroying
    will take years to fix. That is if it can be fixed
    at all.

    The question we have to ask, can we survive the next 4
    years? Or will this Demon fulfill his desire to
    destroy this once great country…..we saw in the last election our liberties
    and freedoms as a nation thrown in the trash. We are now ready to fall into the
    pit of failed countries that willingly went into slavery to a tyrannical government
    for a few trinkets and bobbles dispensed by the Government elite. Remember if
    you think your rights and freedoms come from an all-powerful government and not
    from God you have already surrendered to Tyranny.

    Also keep this in mind, a government
    strong enough to grant you so called rights will be
    strong enough to take them away. As Benjamin Franklin replied
    when asked what kind of government they gave us… “A REPUBLIC… IF YOU
    CAN KEEP IT” the trillion dollar question is …will we keep it?????????

  • Let’s see now. A Black, Democratic, Woman Representative, who has NO vote in Congress, asks for a donation from a lobbyist and that is bribery. When you post a call from a white, male, Republican tea-bagger, who has a vote and label it as bribery, you may gain a little creditability.

    • do you have an example of that? has someone tried to say one is wrong and the other is okay? maybe i missed something

  • Hey people she is a house member someone run against her she is up in 2014 to get her out of there. Is there a tea party person that wants to run against her???

  • No lobbyist should be able to contribute anything. Lobbyists should only be able to contribute the point of view of their clients. Let’s change the law, OK?

    Politicians should be restricted to the money designated for them through The People. They’re there to do a job, and we pay them for it. Funds for research and such should come from The People and no-one else.

  • The problem is not money, the problem is government power over individuals via bans, mandates, licensing and government funding of projects. As long as these things exist, there will be attempts to influence policy, and why shouldn’t they? Entities have huge sums of money at stake depending on the arbitrary whims of politicians. DUH.

    If you want money out of politics, you need to end government involvement in commerce. You can’t have it both ways. Or rather, it is unjust to think you can control someone, yet not give them a political say in their future.

  • This is called corruption in any other situation. However, Congress passed a law to make this legal. Eleanor Norton sounds like a cheap hooker to me.

  • it’s the Liberal argument that people didn’t want social security either and Obamacare is a good thing…hm Stupidest argument ever. As is Social Security has ended up successful…NO the government has stolen from SS just like they will from Obamacare, the death panels will be the same as in other Countries with socialized medical. If you don’t believe it just ask someone from the UK if their grandma passed away because they decided to let her die… Can you imagine how much money you would have if SS was deposited into an account for you that only you could draw from. Let me tell you, you’d be filthy rich by now. Healthcare personal accounts is the better solution. Defund Obamacare now before it ends up like SS did…put the money in your account so that you can decide how to spend it. I’m sure you’ll spend it to save your life. Obamacare wont!

  • These people are so brainwashed, they don’t even understand that what they are doing is immoral, illegal and detestable. Conservatives must organize. I know this is like herding cats, but if conservatives don’t develop an organized strategy, our society will collapse.

    The conservative political consultants, that is the money raising folks and advisors, are a huge problem. They spend our money in very counter-productive ways.

  • The real criminal are being let go for committing murder which involves ALEC sponsored by the GOP and NRA they are the corrupters the 21st century politico scene.

  • The real criminal are being let go for committing murder which involves ALEC sponsored by the GOP and NRA they are the corrupters of the 21st century politico scene.

  • i think it would make a difference where from where the the call was made i think it is illegal to use government offices to solicit contributions

  • It’s time to unemploy incumbents and give them the message that if they’re not there for the American people they will be sent home as well!!! We need to make a change in government that we can easily fire those who do not perform as we require, the government must not be allowed to determine when a government employee should be fired. The governments chronism doesn’t get rid of bad employees the just move them somewhere else!!!

  • She can’t sell a vote she doesn’t have. She’s the rep from Washington DC. She has no voting rights on the house floor. She’s no better than a telemarketer.

  • this left or right crap needs to stop….you need to realize that all this ridiculous bickering and polarization is bought and paid for. It’s exactly what the powers that be want us to be doing to keep us off the scent of the real corruption. If you want to get to the truth of this discussion (if the disgusting displays of inhumanity to each other can be called a discussion), or of any political/social truth…follow the money. That’s where you’ll find your truths… and will disgust and surprise you. You will learn the right or left don’t matter in the least. When the Kochs (just to name one such infinite pool of corrupt) realized that their boy on the right wasn’t going to win, they quickly shifted their financial focus to the left. They are ALL bought and paid for by the world’s elite… that’s who runs it all…and they operate with the precision of a surgeons knife. There are a few investigators out there that you can find that both sides hate…because they expose exactly what I’m talking about. They absolutely do NOT want us to be united in our thoughts and actions… there is evidence EVERYWHERE of this truth… if not this very conversation.

  • The level of thought that’s gone into many of the coments in this discussion indicates a fundamental problem with our country: we’ve become so polarized and simplistic toward opposing views that we can never expect rational debate to emerge and it becomes merely a contest of who can shout the loudest. It’s no wonder elections have become largely about raising money so you can buy a bigger loudspeaker.

    • You’re right. When is the shooting war going to start? There’s tar and feathers and rope just crying out for politicians to help send them on the straight and narrow.

  • Sounds like she’s just asking for funding, and for a good reason. She says “I’m simply, candidly, calling to ask for a contribution. As a senior member of the committee and a subcommittee chair, we have obligations to raise funds.” It’s completely legal and ethical to ask for contributions. No bribe is made, and I don’t hear her soliciting a bribe either, because she’s not offering anything in return, except for a “follow up note in appreciation for hearing me out.”

    • Really.. Last time I voted the polling place parking lot was a ghost town with very few vehicles in it. After voting, I drove by a walmart on the way home and the parking lot was packed. It tells you what American priorities are.

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